My final assignment, from my final class, at JCCC

  • Reflect on the various lessons you’ve learned throughout the semester. Which areas did you find yourself most drawn to?  What was the most valuable module to you – and how did it impact your Client/Personal Online Reputation project?

I found myself most drawn to the numbers and data side of social media marketing. The creation of Ads was fun, but the setting up of the accounts wasn’t what I was interested in, it was the maintaining and gathering of data. Finding the analytics on each platform, it really got me into gear to make changes so I could see the success of what I was doing.

  • Share how you could see your client or yourself using the Hootsuite platform in the future. Take a screenshot of your Hootsuite dashboard and share it on this blog post.

I think Hootsuite is a great platform to use! I would use it for the information it provides and the access to their documents and organizational tools.

Part 2

  • What did you learn from your client/reviewer? What did you do well?  What would you do differently next time?

I am still waiting on my client review. She is very busy. She works full time and has this business I helped her with on the side. I also believe she has been out of town for the past few days. She had to put up with me all semester, so I didn’t want to bug her/pressure her.

Client Reflection

I learned so much! The main thing I learned was how to monitor your social media’s activity, I had no idea about this feature and I kind of want to start a business just because of this, and I might be slightly addicted to checking it! I also learned how to make and publish an Ad, which was a fun experience!

Other things I learned:

How to link your social media accounts

That you can censor posts by not allowing certain words

About lists

Setting up direct messaging

Keeping each social media account uniform

Tracking your demographics

Aligning your business goals/needs with your social media accounts

how to set up a content calendar

*Turn your sound on*

Client Reflection-25ps2dp


who targets me


  • What type of social advertisements are targeted at you?

Grocery stores, redbull, uber, and qt

  • What makes these ads effective / not effective?

These ads are not effective to me, seeing how I had to go on my Facebook account and see what kinds of ads popped up. I believe they are not effective because they are embedded in my feed so I just skim over them like I do most things on it. I did find it interesting though because I go to the grocery store almost everyday, I usually only go to QuikTrip to get gas, and I used to drink Redbull very frequently. I do however, only uber a few times a year to get to and from the air port.

  • How can companies track the success of their social ads?

With how many views/clicks an add generates.

Blog post

Ever wonder what goes into taking pictures of your fur babies? It takes a special person who emits patience and love to capture the perfect picture. If you think that your pet would never be able to sit still long enough, then you aren’t alone! After watching this video, you’ll realize that it just takes the right person, who loves what they do, to get the perfect picture to immortalize your best friend!

Here’s a peak into Walter and Marie’s 1st Birthday photoshoot. These two cuties were so much fun!

Posted by Elly May Moments on Thursday, February 22, 2018

Facebook- Check out what goes into a photo shoot with your favorite members of the family!

Instagram- Watch this clip to find out what it takes to get the perfect #photo of your #furbaby

Youtube- Check out what it takes to get that perfect shot!

Content Marketing


  • What is content marketing?

creation and sharing of material that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to gain interest in its products or services.

  • Share two examples of successful ‘content marketing’ that you have seen. Why is this content marketing successful?

One example would be of the one I posted on our discussion board. The Orbitz commercials. I think they are successful because they used the same spokesperson each time, with the same concept, but used different situations that aligned with their brand and concept they were trying to promote. These commercials were funny so they incorporated humor to reach people as well.

Another example is Snickers. They had a theme going for awhile also. They incorporated the use of famous people for endorsement as well as a consistent catch phrase and theme. I think all of those things helped to make it successful.


Branching Out

I looked into “beer paws” on Facebook. It is craft beer treats for dogs. They donate a percentage of their profits to shelters ((a good strategy we learned about)).

I think they are successful because they post a lot, they have done community work that has got them recognition.

It doesn’t look like they have a branded hashtag, since they utilize a lot of social media, I would suggest having one so they can be easily searched.

They post more than just “what they do” so I might suggest posting things that aren’t just pictures. Maybe cute gifs or videos about animals, that might attract someone to the page and get them looking around. Post about community events that are “pet focused”. Like more community pages.

I would like her to get to 1,000 followers on both Facebook and Instagram. I plan on doing that by liking pages that are similar to hers, and looking for more followers that would like what she does. Continue to push the branded hashtag.

PART B–>I think that these suggestions will help because it will get her noticed in other groups. I think that is an important way to gain followers. They see your name popping up in pages that they like and they are going to get curious and start looking around your page.

Week two- slightly overwhelmed

Week 2 is proving to be a tad overwhelming. Working with someone else and their schedule is difficult, but we are working through it and I am excited for this assignment.

I learned a lot this week. I learned that you can censor things on your social media by typing in keywords. As a business owner I can see the advantage of this, as a customer, I think this unfair. I learned what you should use as your profile picture and “header”, luckily my client had a great profile picture of her logo so I didn’t need to suggest a change for that. I want to learn more behind the scenes things to do on social media, like how we learned about the advantages of setting up direct messaging and private lists to keep up with competitors.

I picked Elly May Moments- this is a photography business that specializes in taking photos of people fur babies! She currently has a Facebook, business website, and Instagram which are all very active. I think a Twitter account for sure would be good for her, possibly a LinkedIn but I am not sure. We are meeting to talk on Monday and I will find out what she thinks!

I am working on her bio, making her first 140 characters count as we have learned. I am also adding her other social media links to the other ones as we learned we should include. She also didn’t have her direct messages set up which I did to help her better communicate with people. We are currently discussing a branding hashtag.

Brand Audit

I could be doing this very wrong. But I guess that is why I am taking this class. With that being said, I didn’t really find anything about me. I even searched my name with the town I live in, in the search box and did not come up with much. I did find something very alarming, I found something that listed all my information on it, including my phone number, people I am related to, and an old address. Other than that, nothing popped up, not even on image search. I thought for sure a facebook photo or an old social media site photo would come up. Trying to search my “buddy” was an even more difficult task which was fruitless. Add this to my list of things I want to learn from this class.

A little about me


Hello! I am in my last semester here at JCCC! I will have my associates in Liberal Arts. Not what I wanted, but I was going to school for nursing and switch directions so this is what would get me my associates the quickest! I work full time at a Doctor’s office as a manager. I used to manage a bar in downtown KC close to Westport and PNL, that is where I got most of my marketing experiences but I am very new to this and am excited to learn! I think marketing is a useful tool to have! I would like to learn:

Ways to create a good and productive online presence for myself and a company

The Do’s and Do not’s for marketing on social media

How to generate more business through social media marketing