Because The Internet

I love Johnson County CC, and I can already tell that this is a great modern class for the modern student. I’ve attended JCCC intermittently since 2012. I don’t know what grade I’m in and I really don’t care to know. I’m beyond thankful that we have such an amazing, affordable school that has enabled me take a wide variety of classes at my own pace, and I’ve enjoyed learning from awesome teachers. At the completion of semester, I will have obtained my Recording Arts Certificate, so I have that going for me, which is nice. was my first love, then Windows XP, along with basketball, football, baseball, skateboarding, and rap music. I’m diverse. If I’m being honest and call myself a computer gaming nerd, your image of me is sure to me inaccurate. A lover of technology, and an analytical strategist, as per my Gallup results, I’d be hurting myself not to take this class. The Internet is the most powerful tool in the world. Soulja Boy, Hotline Bling, Memes, Facebook, Smartphones, f***ing Google! You can literally find anything on Google, and people wonder why I’m so smart! The Internet has drastically changed our world. Everything is on demand. Information, networking, shopping, celebrity nip-slips; all at our fingertips.

Very soon, I’ll have my Recordings Art Certificate. It’s just this piece of paper. . . doesn’t really mean anything. The important part is that music is one of my passions. I have a home studio, and by taking this class, I hope to learn how to purposefully and effectively promote myself on the Internet. College is rad, but Because The Internet, there are only more oppurtunites to succeed if you know how to use the boxes that connect you to billions of other people. The Internet has already changed business forever, so whatever I learn in this class, it’s sure to be relevant in my digital future.


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